ln -s “Exploiting Memory Corruption Bugs in PHP” .


An excellent series of three blog posts on the said topic.

ln -s “How to Get Click to Play Working in Firefox 23 or Newer” .


Previously, Firefox can be configured to run plugins on demand by changing a setting in about:config (plugins.click_to_play). In Firefox 23, plugins appear to run by default even with this setting. This article teaches how to get the run-on-demand behaviour back.

ln -s “Everything You Wanted to Know About SQL Injection (But Were Afraid to Ask)” .


This is not an in-depth instruction manual on SQL injection, nor an introduction of cutting edge exploitation techniques. Nevertheless, it is a very good primer on the concepts and basics of SQL injection.

ln -s “BASH Dropbox Uploader” .


A Dropbox synchronisation tool implemented as a BASH script (curl is used for the Dropbox API HTTP calls). Contrary to the name of the application, it is also able to perform downloads, as well as various remote operations such as file deletion, directory creation and directory deletion. Authentication is done using Dropbox’s official OAuth API.